Video Marketing has become a Powerful Force as consumers become more comfortable learning about products and services visually. With 93% of all communication being non-verbal and the average person retaining only 7% of what is written, video is a favorable tool to distribute information about a product or service through visuals, voice, motion graphic, sound effects and music making a viewer 66% more likely to retain the information when ready to make a purchase.

Video is highly effective in building a relationship with potential clients, allowing them to relate through human connections including eye contact, voice, and body language 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows the process of building trust to be fast tracked and the longevity of a client/subscriber/customer relationship to be maximized.

Choosing a video company is an important decision. You will need to trust your video producer to create your vision from start to finish. Allowing yourself the option to have very little involvement throughout the process to being able to work comfortably side-by-side with them from pre-production to finalizing your video. We have partnered with a video production company that is engaging, creative, and results-orientated.


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